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Al Ain

Things To Do in Al Ain


Al Ain Palace Museum

For those who are interested in learning more about the customs and way of life in the area, a visit to the Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum is highly advised. As we tour the palace's various chambers, we have a clear understanding of what the monarch and his family's daily lives were like.

Al Ain Oasis

The city of Al Ain is home to many oases, which are created by nature as a source of life in hard desert environments. The oasis in Al Ain is a vital component of the city's ecosystem, which is blessed with a wealth of wildlife in this lovely green metropolis.

Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort

A mix of resort, residential, commercial, retail, educational, and entertainment components will be included in the Al Ain Wildlife Park & Resort, which will be surrounded by the natural splendor of Al Ain and artificial desert landscapes from Arabia, Africa, and Asia.It gives visitors a genuine chance to see the local desert vegetation and creatures.