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Rio de Janeiro

Things To Do in Rio de Janeiro


Tijuca National Park

The natural beauty of the park can't be understated: it features varied terrains, waterfalls, more than 1,600 plant species and more than 350 different species of mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles. Three million visitors a year take advantage of the natural beauty Tijuca has to offer.

Pedra Bonita

The Pedra Bonita Hiking Tour in Rio de Janeiro is ideal for friends and families, since it is a quite easy trail with breathtaking views of Gavea mountain, pepino beach, tijuca forest and barra. You cannot visit our city without doing the Pedra Bonita Hiking Tour in Rio de Janeiro

Sugar Loaf cable car

The one kilometer ride gives you the first aerial view of Copacabana, the Christ statue, Niteroi Bridge and Guanabara Bay. There are some gift shops, restaurants and a small theater with informational videos. Don't forget to carry your camera to record some of the most spectacular views of the region.