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Things To Do in Makkah


Asir Mountains

The mountains of Asir are distinguished for overlooking the Tihama valleys and for having a number of parks that attract tourists and nature lovers who can roam around under the trees, enjoying the beautiful weather and clean air which is filled with the scent of mountainous flowers.

Alamoudi Museum

People will get a glimpse of the royal family and the royal house through the exhibits. Most of the exhibits aim at creating a cultural and civilization awareness and heritage of the region. It is one of the many museums in Makkah,people should visit

Museum of Human Heritage

If you're planning a visit to Makkah, a trip to the Human Heritage Museum is a must! It plays an important role in unfolding the significant historical events and tracing the history of human beings, right from prehistoric times. It showcases many rare and ancient artifacts and tools which were used in the olden ages.