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Things To Do in Trabzon


Sera Lake

Apart from having various kinds of fish, the lake is surrounded by green mountains, adding more glamor and magic, mainly in the morning during sun rising and in the evening during sunsetting. You can visit the lake during all seasons to enjoy its charm.

Trabzon Castle

Visiting Trabzon Castle offers you to enjoy the most amazing sights and views of the city and the sea, in addition to seeing the Ottoman buildings that were decorated with wonderful inscriptions and decorations.

BEŞİRLİ coastal eco park

The Becherli Ecological Park is one of the distinctive gardens that spread in the city of Trabzon. It is a modern garden that has been designed in innovative ways, with walking bridges, bicycle paths, children play areas and playgrounds, in addition to a botanical garden filled with various types of local and international flowers, which are at the height of their brilliance.